2K23 released a new locker code in the game

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2K23 released a new locker code in the game

Сообщение wangyue36612 » 01/09/2022, 10:56

2K released the in-game All-Star Pack the other day, containing nine All-Star player cards, each with a unique value, but the deadline is until February 25. and a newly released save Locker codes put this in 2K MT a new twist.

At the end of the fourth season, 2K23 released a new locker code in the game: 'S4-HUNT-4-GLORY-SUPER-PACKS', enter this code, players will have the opportunity to get Level Up, Flash 5. The Signature Series IV, Beasts or NBA All-Star Pack, the deadline for this is February 29. It is a mistake to extend the duration of this All-Star Pack by four days However, the main point of the whole thing is that you have the chance to win the All-Star Pack, Or buy it on the market of NBA 2K23's multiplayer. If you don't want to spend MT, you can also try entering the code: 'FINAL-MYTEAM-UNLIMITED-GAMEDAY,' which will give you a chance to get the All-Star Deluxe Pack, but it must be used before February 26.

For this All-Star Pack, six players are Galaxy Opal level cards, and the rest comprise Pink Diamond cards; these six players are Stephen Curry - 98 OVR with PG/SG, Obi Toppin - Obi Toppin - OVR - PF/C, Jarrett Allen - 97 OVR C/PF Evan Mobley - 97 OVR with PF/C, Darius Garland - 97 OVR with PG/SG, Karl-Anthony towns - A. Towns - 97 OVR and C/PF.From the card information above It is easy to determine it is Stephen Curry has the highest rating. There is a reason why 2K23 gave him such an impressive rating. We all know that his sharpshooter's performance has deteriorated in the last game stage and also his shooting from three points. The shooting percentage has plummeted.

Many people think that Curry is at a low point However, as a superb player, Curry did not give up on himself , but he collaborated with his team to discover the root of the problem. His efforts did not go unnoticed Buy NBA 2K23 MT. For the All-Star Game On, the marksman who shot three points is back. his three-pointer experience that was once his has slowly been restored, and could be better in the future.
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