Board Expectations' sounded . as it was first introduced

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Board Expectations' sounded . as it was first introduced

Сообщение wangyue36612 » 01/09/2022, 11:02

Idea: instead of relying upon yo-yoing reports from scouts that deal more with player potential than what abilities they have now, it'd be wonderful to FUT 23 Coins assume control of a player for a coaching game to see how they play firsthand. That makes way more sense, and it wouldn't be hard to execute for EA.They could even add in a little cut scene which reveals your boss attending the game in the stand, or even viewing a bounce/reserve game from the aspect of a practice pitch to get a sense of his next registering. This occurs always in actual footy, and it ought to be happening in FIFA 23.

The kicker are that you would only have the ability to control the player you're scouting, not the entire team, and these command would only be available in matches that didn't matter; no more taking control of Man Utd and using them lose 5-0 to Brighton just so that you win the league, you large cheat.It's time EA began making scouting less about chance and more about informed decision. '
Board Expectations' sounded . as it was first introduced into the Career Mode bundle. The thought of having to abide by strict guidelines passed down by the money men added weight into the manner, and it should've changed Career forever. In the end though, it did not really.

Ignore red-lettering on words like'Crucial', because they have next-to-no-bearing in your job unless you neglect every single one of them.Clubs who need investment in'Youth Development' will ignore their demands if you deliver trophies. This makes sense to some point, but it simplifies the purpose of placing such value on set goals in the first location.

Trust us, it's extremely difficult to get sacked in FIFA 22 unless you're intentionally trying to perform so.This renders objectives meaningless, and we'd love to buy FIFA 23 Coins see that shift. They ought to be there for a reason instead of as attempts at adding depth without actually adding it.
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