7thanniversary exclusive merch in the Official Merch Store!

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7thanniversary exclusive merch in the Official Merch Store!

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To start the event, go to her house which is situated in the west of RS gold Varrock Square and go up to the balcony to speak to Juliet about her woes. After a conversation with her, then head to the area that is off to the east and talk to Phillipa, Juliet's cousin that will then instruct you to go to IffieNitter, the knitter that oversees the Thessalia's Nice Clothes store. Now this is where it gets interesting! To discover the materials, either comb a pet cat or have Gertrude to find loose cat hair. Subsequently, return to Iffie and give the cat hair to her to turn you into a pair of cat ears. When you've gotten the merchandise, return to Juliet wearing these ears and speak with her to cheer her up. Performing happy emotes (twist, dance, jig) assists as well!

In the long run, Juliet will finally cheer up and successfully host a birthday party--thanks to you! While the only reward which you will receive for doing this exploration is a pair of cat ears, it's nonetheless an enjoyable experience to observe Old School RuneScape's 7th birthday. To up the birthday cheer for OSRS'7th birthday, in addition, there are 7thanniversary exclusive merch in the Official Merch Store! One of the things includes a thorough pin from Angels Scrapes that features Tim and Crunchy. Another new addition to the Official Merch Store does not necessarily commemorate the birthday of OSRS, however much more for Ironmen. Ironman varsity jackets are also up for grabs if you're looking to flaunt your Ironman status.

With things as they're right now, no doubt we'll see even more annual birthday events such as Old School RuneScape. Despite having greater rewards for the birthday event this season like and double EXP, and tons of gold for consumers to take advantage of (and even list within an OSRS Gold market website ) it is nice to realize that OSRS is powerful. What event would you like to see for next year's yearly birthday event? Tell us about it by leaving a comment below! Now, they are a part of an ordinary household, if you're playing on your computer, a gaming console like PS4, or even your cell phone. A sport like OSRS introduces a very different type of challenge, which is acquiring gold. A better choice would be purchasing gold for OSRS. Here is how you can accomplish that.

You should not just go about purchasing gold intentionally without having a solid plan in your mind. Just how much do you need? What will you be using it for? These are all questions which you will need to answer prior to cheap RuneScape gold embarking on this quest. It's possible to acquire gold by playing the game as we mentioned earlier, but it might take you a lengthy time to get enough for your goals. So, plan ahead so you can ascertain just how much gold you need because the procedure for purchasing it might involve some risks if you don't understand what it is you are doing.
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