What's NBA2K21 this season?

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What's NBA2K21 this season?

Сообщение Dingbest » 01/04/2021, 09:19

I play with mycareer because 2k16 but that I was always a casual, never played online and MT 2K21 constantly bought it using discount or a marketing. I'm from Brazil also if this is important. And I was hopeful that this year I'd be scaling up my game and playing online, creating builds and spending way more time with it. In addition, I know that generally 2k have not been very responsible in attending to the communities complains. So my title questions remains, can it be a good year to buy it like today? Or wait for a sale reduction? It is not bad I think they destroyed shooting this season tho plus I would not buy the mamba forever edition their service team is dreadful.

Did you buy the present mamba version? I am on PS4 that I purchased the one with the young Kobe dunking Just want to ask can we play mycareer using the obsolete game such as 2k18/2k19? The Pc version will always be disrespected, the sport is meant for consoles and the vast majority of the participant base is on console. As for microtransactions, those have mastered the match for the previous 5 years, but imo this year was not that bad. It's possible to find a build to 92 w/ max or near maximum badges through around 4-5 times of casual grinding. (Obv. Quicker if you play more) without spending anything on vc.

It stinks but what do you expect. The game is full of hackers and people abusing the game, I was a computer 2k player but I said enough is enough and obtained a PS4, best choice of my life. Sports game just aren't meant for PC. Only thing good about it's mods and single player but that is it. What's funny is that they could become"intended for PC" by linking a controller using a dongle and receiving a suitable port. Hey man as garbage as

I swear, its like they had the patch team create this match and the remainder are working on next gen only. I've noticed if you using the aim shot which you can still aim it even following the meter goes off. In one game I made several shots curve and even got it to green way after the release... Yea that has always been that way lol. In case you held x at the older 2ks your launch was still judged following the ball was published and it'd be quite late. Yeh nah that's not the same, dudes are literally curving shots in Cheap 2K MT like bullets because fckin Angelina jolie film.
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